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The journey of a different Snow White between music, books and well, mirrors. I have been through some changes in July - I decided to take a Roaccutane treatment, I will post my experience in some months, after I will finish the treatment.

Select Moisture Cover in NW15 I am actually an NC15, but the girl at the store suggested that some warmth will do my under eye area some good. I got this product in February and in the middle of July I discovered without any warnings that I finished it. I believe that this was mainly due to the packaging of which I am no big fan.


I used it on my under eye area and on my acne spots. It made the under eye area look fresh, but it was not that good at snow white ultra fat burner review the acne spots. I got another M. I got it from a local Pharmacy, when I could not get hold of my preferred henna from Mayam for about 2 months in a row. PLUS: Very easy to apply, with strong natural pigments it colored even dark hair like mine.

It did not interact in a bad way with the parts of the hair that were dyed with henna but if you want to use it, I recommend at least 2 months of pause between a henna mask and this dye. It is already prepared. It has no ammonia and silicones.

The hair conditioner it comes with smelled really nice and had rosemary and eucalyptus oils. The color disappeared in four weeks. Balea Totes Meer Salz Dusche I got this from DM at a time when my skin was very dry and irritated, because it stated on the label to be a good product for this skin type.

It smells lovely of red fruits and is enriched with minerals. I could see that my skin felt better after this shower gel than it did before. I generally like the Balea products, because they are cheap and they work. This product had ml and was almost twice as cheap as a Nivea ml shower gel. I am not sure if really has all these, but it smells heavenly I also repurchased it and keeps my skin from drying. Alverde Ultrasensitiv Dushcreme I also got this product in the winter, to calm down my highly allergic skin and I still used it on and off until spring, snow white ultra fat burner review I finally used it up completely.

It is a very good product for very sensitive skin, it calms it down and keeps it from drying. It has no perfume, no colorants and preservatives.

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It is slightly more expensive than the Balea products, but for an all natural product it is rather cheap.

Dettol Moisture Liquid Soap I got adelgazar pierde in greutate in spaniola product to clean my brushes, because I am a freak and I clean my face brushes after every use, since I had some bad experiences with acne outbreaks.

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This liquid soap is supposed to kill It is not as moisturizing as I would wish, but for the brushes it did a pretty good job. This bag is for 2 usages, I used one right after the run and another one sometime after to do my pedicure.

snow white ultra fat burner review

I like the fact that it helped with the swollen feet and that the feet felt refreshed after using this. It contains camphor, mint and rosemary oils and aloe vera leaf powder, which help with swollen tissue and calm down any irritations. As with their shower gels, this Balea product is good worth for its money. I will get it again. Balea Urea Handcreme I liked this hand cream, it was very moisturizing, because of the urea and shea butter. It also smelled really nice.

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I used it mainly in the evenings, because I wanted something luxurious for my hands. I think you can also use this products without any problems during the day, as it is not heavy. I got this in winter and used it on and off until spring-summer. It is also a good product for its money.

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Balea Hand Balsam This product contains monoï oil and shea butter and in the same time has no perfume. I liked that it was like a balm and protected the skin from drying. I also used this product at night to get the same SPA-feeling I was mentioning about earlier.

It had only 50 ml and costs as much as the Urea hand cream, but it is worth it, you get a good hand cream. Alverde Körperbutter I got this body butter in the winter when I wanted to use it for my hands at night, but eventually I ended using it on my body, after the winter allergies passed. It smells lovely of red oranges and elder flower, but it also has shea butter and glycerin. The price is very good compared with other body butters from other brands.

I really recommend it. It smelled absolutely lovely. It has Brazilian nut due to its highly hydrating properties and marula which has purifying properties oils and absinthe extraxt.

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I like t use this hand cream during the day, because it is a very light cream, it is immediately absorbed in the skin and it leaves a lovely scent. I alway get a lot of compliments when I use this cream. I repurchased it in a bigger size. I used it at night and it was pretty good during the winter time. It kept the feet hydrated and fresh. But I went through it pretty fast and decided to use it on and off towards spring time. It is an ok product, I am not sure if I will repurchase it.

Kiss my Face Sport broad spectrum SPF 50 I managed to finish this product in a month, because we have summer in Bucharest and because I have very fair skin.

snow white ultra fat burner review

I used it snow white ultra fat burner review time I left the house. I liked this product. I loved the smell and the fresh feeling I got when I used it. More details about where I got it from you can find in my post here.

Unfortunately when I wanted to repurchase it from iHerb, they were out, so Snow white ultra fat burner review had to get a similar product from another brand locally. Garnier Mineral Intensive 72h Now, normally I would not talk about antiperspirants, but I felt this was worth a small mention. The reason being the fact that it was pretty impressive how it behaved itself during the hard gym classes.

snow white ultra fat burner review

I felt fresh even after the classes. Nothing to contradict there. I was so happy when I finished it, because the smell drove me crazy. Sensitive skin being mostly allergic to perfumes even natural ones. But in any case this product did its job and protected me from the sun and in the same time it kept my skin from getting too greasy.

Unfortunately, I will not get this again. It is perfect! Like the product only makes the first skin layer smoother, by coating it? You really feel like your lips are hydrated to the fullest.

Later on i was watching more and they are all walking through the woods laughing there asses off and they cant stop.

The only downside of it is that it does not have a SPF. I used it during the nights to keep my lips from drying. Oh… and this is my 2nd finished tube.

OptiFree Replenish and Refresh Eye drops I spoke about these products beforebut this is the last time I will mention them. Because my doctor changed my lenses solution and eye drops. Coconut Oil I have been using this oil that is solid at temperatures under 21 degrees in a variety of mixtures body oil, henna, hair oil and lip butter because of its hydrating properties. I also applied this product in the evenings directly on my skin and hair, but I am no big fan of coconut smell, but in the morning the effect was wonderful — both the hair and skin were feeling hydrated and smooth and I still could detect a faint scent of coconuts.

It is not a heavy oil and penetrates the skin very fast. Castor Oil This is a very heavy oil.

I used it mainly in hair compositions henna, hair oil and applied it directly on my eyelashes each evening after I removed my make-up and applied the eye cream. At one point I even made an eye make-up remover with castor oil and cornflower water. I like what this hair does to the hairs: the hair is much shinier and the roots are strengthened. Cornflower water Besides using this water in the above mentioned eye make-up remover, I used it in eye cream and eye gel compositions.

I talked about them here. Argan Oil Everybody without exception loves this oil. It is the perfect oil for hydrating any skin types and for preventing wrinkles. It is also very good for the hair. I used it in body oils and hair oils mixtures.

Tahiti Monoï Oil I know everybody is crazy after Monoï oil. I am not sure how many know, that this oil is composed of coconut oil with a specific natural fragrance, which makes it so unique and even good for dry and sensitive skin.

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I used it in body oil mixtures and as it is directly on the skin in the evenings. The smell is not overpowering, it actually is very soothing and calming and the skin felt amazing. It has a very strong antioxidant effect, thus preventing wrinkles and premature skin ageing.

I mixed it with various oils for body oil mixtures and added it also in face masks. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil I used this essential oil in hair mixtures. It makes the hair oil mixture and the henna mask snow white ultra fat burner review better and even after you wash the hair and condition it, a faint smell of ylang-ylang can still be felt. One of its advantages is that pierde ghidajul rapid de greutate does not dry out the hair.

Red vine extract I got this product with the idea of mixing it in eye creams, but after looking at the recipes I came to the conclusion I cannot add it. But after doing some more research, I found that I can use it in a make-up remover.

snow white ultra fat burner review

So I added it and enjoyed the result very much. This is an active ingredient, which helps improve the blood flow in the capillaries and helps reduce dark circles around the eye. The overall effect of this ingredient is of fresh looking skin, because the skin gets more oxygen. Tea Tree Essential Oil I used this product in a face gommage cream, face masks, face oils for massage and make-up removal. I also used this product directly on the spots at night after the face oil.

However only until after I started on the Roaccutane treatment I could notice an improvement for my skin due to this oil. I know that normally this product takes longer than its medical alternative benzoyl peroxide to show a real effect on the skin, but until recently I only felt that my skin was feeling slightly refreshed after using it, but with no other benefit.

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Now, I can really see what it can do. I am happy that I could really make use of this product and make my skin get over the chemical alternative that is benzoyl peroxide or not, as it is now the case in Romania, that we cannot find Brevoxyl, the product containing this active ingredient anywhere.

I know it has been a very long post, but I do hope you can find some useful information within it. All these products were purchased by me during some months. This post is in no way a sponsored post. Please let me know if you used or use some of these products.

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I would love to read what your experience was with them! Until next time, Smile, it is good for the skin!