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Voronin launched a maniac attack against neighbouring Romania.

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The Moldovan President has secreted Romanian-phobia his entire life. A former activist of the single party and a general in the repressive Soviet apparatus, Voronin had to be worthy of his positions by promoting Stalinist ideas.

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Inwhen the Russians occupied Romanian eastern territories which currently make the Republic of Moldova, Moscow tried to justify its actions by crediting the existence of a so-called Moldovan people, speaking a language other than Romanian. Specialists from Romania and Moldova or the Western world calva slimming candy after the fall of the Kremlin communist regime even those from Russiareject such an appalling distinction and point out the historical and cultural union between the two states.

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The linguistic argument is actually a weak pretext. This month, Chisinau expelled, with no arguments, two Romanian diplomats, evoking Cold War practices. Making up foreign enemies and unleashing, once again, his anger against Bucharest, President Voronin tries to cover up, in a pre-electoral year, the total failure of his two successive presidential terms.

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The illusion of the revival of the economy was shattered, while in all specialized classifications Moldova still ranks as the poorest European state. He recalled that communism did not succeed anywhere and said he was convinced that it would also fail in the Republic of Moldova.

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Calva slimming candy staff on Thursday decorated the city's tree by the town hall, but the operation was not as easy as it seemed. It had initially been erected near the government offices only to be removed overnight to make way for the government's own tree. And such a fight over where to put it," said Eugenia Bondarenco, who works for the city firm that supplied its tree. Moldova and Romania broadly share a common history and language but are locked in a row over borders and national identity, with President Vladimir Voronin furious at Bucharest's suggestions calva slimming candy his people are merely ethnic Romanians.

And though both countries are predominantly Orthodox Christian, Romania's independent church marks Christmas on December 25, while Moldova's, part of Russia's Orthodox Church, follows the old Julian calendar and celebrates on January 7. Admiring one or the other of the firs, and at which point in the festive season, clearly betrays one's political convictions.

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Chirtoaca had the tree erected by government headquarters on December 9, but municipal workers sealed off the area with metal barricades and took the tree to a park. It was later allowed to stand by the town hall, meters yard from the government building. The government tree has yet to be erected in keeping with the Russian tradition of waiting for the run-up to the New Year.

The mayor uses every occasion to expand ties with Bucharest.

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Two days after his election he met Romanian President Traian Basescu, who this week called Moldova a "sea of Romanians" and offers its people fast-track citizenship. Voronin, the only communist leader of an ex-Soviet state, accuses Romania of "permanent aggression" against his much smaller state, which also has longstanding links to Russia. Moldova last week expelled two Romanian diplomats.

Romania, now a European Union member, refuses to sign two treaties with Moldova, saying they would legitimize borders set after the Soviet Union seized large areas of Romanian territory.

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The following day, pierderea în greutate ace demonstration spreads across the city and the riots develop a more pronounced anti-communist character. Dozens of people are arrested, while news of the protests reached Bucharest.

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On the evening of December 16, Ceausescu talks to Timisoara local leaders and orders fire at will against demonstrators without previous warning. In order to justify their force intervention, security forces say there were packs of hooligans raiding the city and robbing stores. Demonstrators however, determined to continue protests, boo the marching troops and start throwing rocks at them. Meanwhile, 11 high-ranking officers from the leadership of the militia, the Securitate and the army, arrive in Timisoara, determined to keep the situation under control.

Later in the evening, the city becomes real hell, with security forces continuously firing at protestors.

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Dozens of people, the figure varying between 60 and a hundred, are killed. Demonstrations fade in intensity on December 18 and 19 following the brutal crackdown.

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The ashes are thrown in the sewer, in order to cover up the traces of the repression. However, it was already too late to stop the anti-communist movement.

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On December 20, Timisoara is flooded by thousands of workers. Small groups gather in front of the Intercontinental Hotel and start protests. Army and security forces gradually join protesters, which already start riots in several important cities, most prominently in Bucharest. They are executed after a mock trial three days later.

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Up to this moment, violent clashes continue calva slimming candy several cities, but it still remains unclear who is fighting who.

Reports varied, speculating that it was members of the Securitate loyalists to the communist rule that fought against demonstrators, while others suggested the existence of foreign terrorists. No report was ever confirmed.

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According to official figures, a total of 1, people were killed in the Revolution, while 3, were injured and a further were arrested. Wikipedia 18 December