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Share this article Share Experts believe that such subliminal behaviour changes are more effective than regimes that require one to exercise willpower.

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But it's worth a try. If a strategy were to be produced, some of its power may be lost if people who become aware of the inducements try to go against them.


When the same portion of food was eaten from a smaller dish, the meal seemed more substantial, so they ate less. Researchers believe those with smaller forks felt they were making slower progress in satisfying their hunger, so ate more.

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If you're a woman. According to psychologist Meredith Young, women eat less if there are men around. She told The Atlantic: 'It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness.

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A study into the effects of bright light, dim light or darkness on weight-gain in mice found that those under a bright light at night gained 50 per cent more weight than those in darkness. Slimming shorts reviews keep healthy snacks in sight.

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Office workers ate less chocolate when dishes of candy were moved from their desks to the other side of the room, reveals a study by Mindless Eating author Brian Wansink. The same trick can be reversed to positive effect. A Cornell University study found that when a middle school cafeteria salad bar was moved to a more prominent position, consumption of some items increased by per cent in a year.

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Researchers said that this trend, which applies to slimming shorts reviews too, can be blamed on the fact that friends act as so-called permission-givers, and encourage one to indulge. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that participants snacked more during a movie when accompanied by a skinny person who ate a lot, compared with those sitting next to a fat person who ate a lot.

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The same was true of participants exposed to subliminal words relating to exercise during mealtimes. Share or comment on this article: Lose weight without going on a diet and forget calorie-counting!

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